About Julia

Around May 2003 - July 29th, 2004

Julia (Julita) came home in July 2003. That's why we chose that name for her. She was around two months old. She was a quiet little girl, and sometimes a bit shy.

Her favourite food was corn, but she also enjoyed eating cucumber sushi. She took the cucumber and left everything else.

She had a hole in her right ear. Most likely she had had a fight in the pet shop. She got a very big plastic cage with tubes and a nice wooden house. She enjoyed running up and down the tubes very much. She had a little fleece bed for the cold weather and she always slept on it.

One day we noticed some blood under her tail and we took her to the doctor. The vet said that she had a cystitis (an infection) and gave her some medicines. However, she went to the Hamster Heaven a few days later, on July 29th 2004.

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