About Baru

March 2003 - January 28th, 2006

Baru (Baruchito) came home in March 2003. He got used to play with people very soon. He learnt that calling Papa's attention by making noise meant that Papa's hand would open the cage door and play with him.

His first cage was a very small bird-size cage with a small plastic house. When he started to grow it was obvious that he would need something bigger. At that time he got a Crittertrail cage with two floors. He got really very very excited with that cage, specially with the wheel! It seems that he got attached to that wheel somehow and he didn't seem to like the newer, better wheel that we bought later for him. Even in his old age he had that wheel with him, even when he couldn't use it anymore.

Baru had two girlfriends: Julia and Flan. He had five wonderful babies with Flan: Coco, Hana, Nana, Poteto and Sora.

Once he had a fight with Flan and she bit him in badly the head. He was very brave when we took him to the doctor. He recovered well, but he had a small bald spot in his forehead for the rest of his life. When he got older he had problems with one of this back legs. He couldn't move it much, but that didn't stop him from running and playing happily on the floor every night after I came back from work.

He got very ill in the end of January 2006. He fought bravely for many days, but he went to the Hamster Heaven on January 28th, 2006.

He enjoyed eating corn and sleeping inside his small ceramic house.

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