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Nana's favourite hobby: eating

Sunday, February 13, 2005 - Posted by Baruchito
Nana eating cucumber
Nana grabs a slice of cucumber!
My daughter Nana has gotten very fat. Papa says that the reason is that she eats a lot. In fact, she has been always like that. When she was younger and was still living with her brothers and sister, she always used to grab a piece of food and don't let it go until it was inside her cheek pouches or in her stomach.

Take for example these photos. Papa gave her a slice of cucumber, and she grabbed it with her little pawns and started nibbling at it without being worried about Papa turning her on his palm. All she cared about then was the food.

She hasn't changed a bit. Maybe this is why now she is the fattest in my family.

Went to the nail salon

Sunday, February 13, 2005 - Posted by Baruchito
Baru long nails sitting

Today Papa said that my nails were too long and that he was going to take me to get them clipped. I got very excited because I had never gone to a beauty salon before! I was hoping to meet some beatiful girls who would comb my hair and massage my back while they manicured me...

But instead, we went to the pet hospital! I thought it was strange, because I have never seen any cute girls there before. But probably that was because I had never gotten my nails clipped, so probably it was ok. I decided to sleep in my travel cage while we waited.

When our turn came, there were no cute girls. Only my doctor. I like him very much because he takes care of my family, but he's not very cute. He put me on the top of his table, let me walk around it for a while, and then he held me from my back, and then blocked each of my legs between his fingers one by one as he clipped my nails.

It felt terrible. I was trying to escape and get back into my travel cage, but he didn't let me go until he clipped all of them. No hair combing, no massage. Next time I will ask Papa to take me to a real beauty salon.
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