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New toilet

Friday, May 26, 2006 - Posted by Nana
Nana's new toilet
Two days ago Papa was cleaning one of my cages, the one where I have my toilet and water bottle. When he finished he connected the tunnel again and I went to check what he had done. The first thing that I noticed was that instead of bedding he had put some newspapers. It felt weird, because I couldn't make any holes on it. He has since filled it with some fresh bedding as usual.

But there was something else. In a corner there was a round, big, pink thing. I went to see what it was about, and I saw that it was filled with toilet sand. I didn't understand very well what it was for, so I entered inside and searched under the sand to see if there was some treat hidden there. There wasn't.

A while later I was again in my nest and wanted to go to the toilet. Then I remembered about the sand. Perhaps I could use it...? I went to the waterbottle cage and entered the sand thing and did my things there. I think that I will use it as my new toilet from now on. And since there's sand it doesn't smell.

Papa says that this pink thing isn't a toilet. He says that it's a food dish for rabitts (whatever a rabbit might be), but that it's just the right size for me.


Thursday, May 18, 2006 - Posted by Nana
Nana finds a treasure!Nana finds a treasure!

Papa has a round blue thing under his computer desk. Sometimes, when I'm playing in the room I see him putting things in it.

Yesterday I decided to investigate. The thing is made of wire like my cage, but the entrance is on the top instead of the side, where it should be. It was easy to climb. When I reached the top I looked inside. There were many interesting things: pieces of newspaper, cardboard, plastic bags, tissue paper... It seemed like fun, so I jumped inside. The newspapers were fun to nibble. Then I noticed an interesting smell. Under some plastic thing I FOUND A PIECE OF PAPER WITH BITS OF SWEET BREAD ON IT!!! I took it to the top of the pile and started putting it in my cheek pouch in order to take it to my cage, but Papa saw me. He took the piece of paper and said that I shouldn't eat that, but he removed the bread that was attached to it and gave it to me. I put it on my cheek pouch and I ate it later when he put me in my cage.

Today I plan to climb the thing again and see what I find!
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