About Flan

Around February 2004 - April 7th, 2006

Flan came home a few days after Julia went to the Hamster Heaven. She had the most beatiful long, bright satin fur. She also had a very cute face with very big eyes. A real hamster beauty.

She was very friendly from the first day and enjoyed playing outside of her cage. She had fun both playing free and inside her ball.

Her first cage was the Crittertrail that she inherited from Julia. She liked to keep her place very, very clean. Before we bought her a toilet with sand, she used to go to a corner in her cage, raise her back towards the bars and send the pee flying out from her cage (sometimes even reaching the wall).

She had a talent for building tissue paper nests. Each time we cleaned her cage, she took all the fresh tissue paper and built a deep round nest with a small opening for going in and out. She seemed to enjoy it.

Flan was Baru's second girlfriend. They had babies two times, but the first litter didn't survive. The second time they had five little wonderful babies (Coco, Hana, Nana, Poteto and Sora). All of them were born with very bright satin short fur. She was a great mother and took good care of them until they moved to their own cages.

When she got older she had a problem with her womb. She had surgery and seemed to be recovering well, but a few days after the surgery things got complicated and she had to be operated again. She went to the Hamster Heaven during the second surgery.

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