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Potus for president

Monday, May 24, 2004 - Posted by Baruchito

I got very happy today because a hamster friend told me about Potus. Potus is a syrian hamster (like Julita and I) who lives in America, and he is running for president. I hope he will be very successful. I cannot vote for him, because I'm not american (I'm japanese), but I would like to send him all my support.

Don't forget to visit his campaign website. And if you are an american hamster, please vote for him!

Leaving for Kyoto

Thursday, May 20, 2004 - Posted by Baruchito

Papa took this photo with his phone in Shinjuku station. It was in the morning and there was a lot of noise in the station, but it was comfortable inside our travel cages. Before leaving home Mama put some sunflower seeds and cucumber for Julita and I. We didn't eat much during the trip, because we like to sleep during the day.

We went to Shinagawa station to change trains. We were going to take the Shinkansen (the bullet train) directly to Kyoto. Papa took opened my cage and took the photo below by surprise while I was sleeping.

I got very angry with him, because he should have woken me up. We hamsters like to be very clean. That's why we are washing ourselves all the time. I wanted to wash and clean my hair for the photo, but Papa didn't warn me.

Two hours later we arrived in Kyoto. And went to the hotel. But I will tell Papa to write about that tomorrow.

Golden week

Wednesday, May 19, 2004 - Posted by Baruchito

Here in Japan there's a week from the end of April to the beginning of May where Papa and Mama have holidays. They say it's called the Golden Week. During this Golden Week Papa and Mama wanted to visit a place called Kyoto. I was afraid that Julita and I would be alone for one week, because I don't know how to buy food. But when I saw our travel capsules I understood that Julita and I were going to Kyoto too. I got very happy, because it would be the first time I traveled outside Papa and Mama's home.

I will tell you more tomorrow.
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