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Tuesday, November 06, 2007 - Posted by Javi Lavandeira
Both my little ones have left only a few days from each other.

Oscar was a surprise. He was old, but healthy. I gave him some food before I went to bed on November 2nd. The next morning I saw that he hadn't touched the food during the night. I looked inside his nest and I found him inside as if he was sleeping, but he had already gone during his sleep. I felt sad to lose him, but also relieved because he hadn't been ill and didn't suffer. He died of old age.

Luna passed away less than half an hour ago. She had been ill for almost two weeks. She started having trouble breathing, so I took her to the vet. She was taking her medicine twice a day, but wasn't getting better. Last Sunday she suddenly got very weak and had some blood in her nose. I took her to the vet again and the doctor changed her medication. She seemed to have gotten better yesterday (Monday). She slept in a towel on my lap for a long while and her eyes were alert. This morning I gave her her medicine and I went to work. She was sleeping on the towel that I put in her cage yesterday night to keep her warm. I made her drink her medicine again, then I put her in a towel on my lap while I was sitting on the computer. She slept there for a while and then came out from the towel and lay to sleep again on my leg. A few minutes later she started coughing and I knew that she would go soon. I took her in my hands and kept her warm until she passed away.

I wish I had posted more about them during the last months, but I've been too busy. New job, new apartment, studies, and a couple other things more. Right now I don't have plans to get another hamster. Maybe in a few months, or a year, or more. I don't know. I guess this is the end of this blog, at least for now.

The existing content will stay, it will not be deleted. People will be able to come and see the stories of all my babies, but there won't be any new stories for a long time.

Thank you to everybody who has been reading thi blog.
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