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Welcome to our home

Sunday, June 27, 2004 - Posted by Baruchito

Today Julita told me that it would be nice if we showed our homes to you, so I asked Papa to take photos of our cages. The photos are a bit dark because I told Papa to take them now at night instead of waiting until tomorrow and use daylight, but I don't mind.

On the top photo you can see Julita's home. In fact it is made by two cages joined together by a small tunnel. The cage with the yellow wires was Julita's first cage, but she didn't live for much time, because she used to throw out her bedding. That's why Papa and Mama bought the new plastic cage. Now she doesn't throw out anything, so Papa joined her new and old cages together. I think I should do the same, and maybe I'll get a new cage too!

My cage is in the second photo. As you can see, it is just like Julita's first cage, but in a different color. I have some extra tunnels where I play. I enjoy running up and down on the long ones, specially when Papa is in here in the computer room looking at me. The towel on top of my cage is for keeping my bedroom dark, because I cannot sleep if the lights are on.

I will ask Papa to join Julita's cage to mine. Perhaps I will be able to eat dinner with her more often...

Why is it so hot?

Sunday, June 20, 2004 - Posted by Julita

Why does it have to be so hot in summer? Usually I like to sleep in my nest made of tissue paper, but lately I cannot stand sleeping there. It is just too hot. A few weeks ago I learnt that if I sleep on my back then I don't feel so hot. That's how I have been sleeping until a few days ago.

But now it is just too hot.

I have discovered that sleeping outside of my nest it isn't so hot. Because of this, I cleared a corner of my cage and now I'm sleeping there during the day sometimes, when the temperature is too high. Baru told me once that on July and August it is even hotter. But I'm not worried, because Mama will turn on the air conditioner for us. And I will be able to sleep on my nest during the day again.

Corn for lunch

Sunday, June 13, 2004 - Posted by Baruchito

Today it was very very hot here in Tokyo, so Papa gave us a bit of corn. We like it very very much because when it's fresh it's also very juicy and sweet. Very refreshing for the summer.

Papa gave me my corn through the door on the side of my cage. Usually, when Papa gives me my food there, I don't take it to my room (the one in the second floor of the cage). But today I really really wanted to eat there. I took the corn on my mouth and tried to take it to my room. I couldn't because it was too heavy and big. Papa helped me and put it in my room for me. I was eating it very happy, as you can see in the photo.

Julita got some corn today too. She didn't have so many problems as I did, because her cage doesn't have a second floor. She just took the corn near her bed, and started eating half-asleep. You can see her in the other photo. She has learnt to eat using only one hand to hold the food! I cannot do that yet, but I will try to learn.

Perhaps then Papa will put Julita and me together again to take some more photos...

What a nice room!

Thursday, June 10, 2004 - Posted by Baruchito

What do you think of this space that Mama and Papa made for us in the hotel room? They carried my cage from Tokyo (without the long plastic pipes that I have for climbling), and also the cage where I was living when I was younger for Julita during these days, because her cage is much bigger than mine and it is very difficult to carry.

The round plastic thing where our cages were is a play area that Mama's mama bought in Hiroshima for us when we were there in Christmas. Now in Tokyo we don't play on it, because Julita finds it boring, and I have learnt to jump out from the inside. So Papa doesn't have other choice that letting me run free on his computer room when he's working at nights.

What I liked the most was that my cage was just next to Julita's and I could smell and look at her all the day. Can you see me in the photo looking at Julita's cage?

The hotel in Kyoto

Wednesday, June 02, 2004 - Posted by Baruchito

A few days ago I was telling you that we went to Kyoto for the Golden Week... So well, when we checked in the hotel, Papa noticed that they didn't allow pets! Julita and I would have to be very careful not to make noise until we had arrived to the room.

As soon as we were inside the room, I started to look for a good place to hide, because I was afraid that the room service could find Julita and I when Papa and Mama were outside visiting places. In this photo I was searching under the bed lamp, but it was not a very comfortable place.

In the end we didn't have to hide.
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