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Watching TV? NO WAY!

Friday, September 29, 2006 - Posted by Nana
Sometimes Papa watches TV when I want to play. When he does this I climb his leg to remind him that his main responsibility is playing with me.

Cleaning time

Friday, September 29, 2006 - Posted by Nana
Yesterday Papa cleaned my cage. He lets me play on the floor while he cleans it. I decided to watch him to make sure that he did it correctly.
Nana inspects her cage while Papa cleans it
You're cleaning it? Let me see...
Nana inspects her cage while Papa cleans it
Hmmm... It doesn't smell bad... Good, good!
Nana inspects her cage while Papa cleans it
Ok, Papa! You're doing a good job! I give you permission to continue!
When he finished cleaning it he left the cage in floor with the door open. I usually climb back into my nest when I get tired of playing, but every time Papa cleans my cage I go back soon because I have to build my nest again. And of course, I also enjoy searching for seeds in the bedding!
Nana inspects her cage while Papa cleans it
Papa, don't forget to put a looooot of this!

Moving to a bigger room

Monday, September 18, 2006 - Posted by Nana
Nana moves her food stash
Every night Papa puts my cage on the floor and leaves the door open so I can go out and play and explore as much as I want. When I get tired I just go back to my cage to sleep. Maybe Papa gets tired of moving my cage every night, so I decided to help him. I thought that I could move my things to a dark corner in his room so he wouldn't need to move my cage every night.

I started the move yesterday night. I found a dark, comfy spot in a corner between the curtains and the big suitcase. I took my food in my cheek pouches and moved it to the corner. It took me a couple of trips. After the food I started to move my bed. I put as much tissue paper in my cheek pouches as I could. I tried to put so much that it was coming out from my mouth and I tripped on it when I tried to walk. Papa saw me when I was going to the corner and he discovered my food in the corner. He thought it was funny, but he removed the food in the corner and put me in my cage again. Then he gave me some fresh food.

Juicy (mini) tomato

Wednesday, September 13, 2006 - Posted by Nana
Every night after my medicine Papa gives me and Luna something fresh to eat. Last night he told me that he was going to give me one tomato. I got worried because tomatoes are big. It is not easy to put one inside my cheek pouches.

But this tomato wasn't big. Papa told me that it's a mini tomato. I got very happy because I could bring it to my cage! But there was a problem. I couldn't see where I was going because I took it with my teeth and had to keep my head pointing up. Papa took me in his hand and brought me to my cage. I ate a bit of it and then I put it in my secret food stash behind the wheel.
Nana gets a mini tomato!
I'm going to my cage to eat it now!
Nana gets a mini tomato!
Papa, can you help me? I can't see my way...
Nana gets a mini tomato!
Ok, now take me to my cage.
Nana gets a mini tomato!
Thank you, Papa! I'm going to eat it now!

I want a cell phone strap too!

Thursday, September 07, 2006 - Posted by Nana
Yesterday night I found Papa's old cell phone while I was exploring in the computer desk. I liked the strap, and since Papa isn't using this phone anymore I decided to keep it. I started putting the strap in one of my cheek pouches, but Papa saw me when I was half done. He put me in the bed and tried to take the strap back, but I didn't want to let him have it. I found it, so it's MINE! Finally he gave up. He let me take the strap, but he was watching me very closely.
Nana steals Papa's keitai strap!
It's MINE! Let it go!

Nana steals Papa's keitai strap!
Don't even think about taking it back!

Nana steals Papa's keitai strap!
Ok, now you're coming home with me...

Nana steals Papa's keitai strap!
Hmmm... Yummy Sony-Ericsson button...

Nana steals Papa's keitai strap!

Nana steals Papa's keitai strap!
Ok, I got the strap. Now what?

I put all the strap in my cheek pouch and then I tried to do the same with the phone, but I couldn't. I still can't understand why. I decided to take the strap out again. When I wasn't alert Papa took the phone back.
After this I went back to the computer desk to look for the phone, but I couldn't find it. Papa told me that the strap is dangerous for me because I could choke. He cut a small piece of it and gave it to me. I got very happy and took it into my cage!

Visited Dr. Ozawa again

Tuesday, September 05, 2006 - Posted by Nana
Papa brought me to see Dr. Ozawa last week because of the little bump under my tail. Dr. Ozawa told Papa that it is just a little part of me that wants to come out. The doctor said something about "prolapse", whatever that is.
Nana tells us about the bump under her tail
It's just a little bump more or less around this size...

I don't understand why there's something in me that wants to get out. Why would someone (or something) get out from a cute girl like me? Perhaps it's because it's summer and it's cooler outside, I don't know. In any case, Dr. Ozawa said that it is not serious. He gave me two little bottles of medicine: a pink one and a white one. The pink one is for drinking. Papa gives me six drops in the morning and at night. It doesn't taste so good like the one that he gave me before. At the beginning I didn't want to drink it and I tried to escape when Papa made me drink it. Now I still don't like it, but I drink it anyway. The white one is not for drinking. Papa puts a bit of it on the bump every morning and night. I tried licking it off, but it tastes terrible.

Apart from that, I'm not having any problems with it.
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