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Time to get a new bed

Saturday, December 24, 2005 - Posted by Baruchito
Baru sleeping on his (old) bed
A few weeks ago I got this new bed too. It's very comfortable and warm, but it has a small problem: it breaks when you bite it. I can still use it, but now that it's colder it would be nice if I had a new place that I could fill up with warm tissue paper.

Perhaps I will ask for a new one for Xmas...

I'm helping Papa to study

Tuesday, December 20, 2005 - Posted by Baruchito
Baru checking Papa's exercises
Lately Papa is very busy studying every night. He spends a lot of time on his desk writing numbers on pieces of paper, so I decided to help him.

When I wake up at night and Papa is studying, I ask him to put me on the desk with him. Then I walk on the paper sheets and point at the red things. I think that's where the mistakes are.

If I keep helping him then probably Papa will pass the exams!

Paradise is just outside of your cage!

Monday, December 05, 2005 - Posted by Baruchito
Baru inside a bag of sunflower seeds
Today I was playing outside of my cage and I found something new. It was red and blue and soft like lettuce. I got interested in it because it smelt like sunflower seeds, but it wasn't one.

I decided to investigate. I'm a smart hamster and very soon I found a way to enter inside the red and blue thing. And do you know what I found inside? SUNFLOWER SEEDS! LOTS OF SUNFLOWER SEEDS! This must be where sunflower seeds come from!

I filled up my cheek pouches and brought all these seeds to my cage. Then I came back for more, but I couldn't find the red and blue thing anymore. I searched the place for a while, but it wasn't anywhere. Probably it went back to its own cage too. If I see it again I will follow it to its cage. Then I will know where it lives and I'll be able to get seeds anytime I want!
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