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Papa caught me in a bad pose!

Tuesday, March 30, 2004 - Posted by Julita

I'm very very lazy. I'm sleeping almost all the day. I like to eat at bed. And sometimes, I even lay down when drinking when nobody is looking.

But this morning Papa caught me in a very bad pose when I was drinking. He grabbed his phone and took these two photos.

I asked him to delete them and not to show anyone.

I wonder he deleted them. I would be terrified if someone saw these photos!

When I was young...

Monday, March 29, 2004 - Posted by Baruchito
Today while Papa and Mama where still working I was looking at a photo album from when I was young, when I arrived to this home...

Here I had just arrived in this home. I was looking for a nice place to put my cage. I thought the dining room was going to be a nice place. But I changed my little mind as soon as Mama turned on the TV. Japanese TV programs are terrible. A hamster should not be forced to watch japanese TV.

Here I was exploring inside Papa's sandal. It was dark and warm. But Papa didn't want me to bring food inside his sandal. I had to find another place.

Here I am on top of Papa's hand. It was my first day at this home. I asked him to show me the house. That's what he was doing in this photo.

Ah, those sweet memories...

Sushi for dinner

Monday, March 29, 2004 - Posted by Julita

Today Papa and Mama bought some sushi for dinner. I was sleeping, like always, but when I woke up I found one nice kappa maki (cucumber roll) waiting for me on top of my corner house. I had eaten cucumber before, but never in sushi.

It turned out that I didn't like it too much. The rice used for sushi (shari) has vinegar, salt and sugar. I don't like any of those, so I just took the cucumber and left the rest. Papa will clean it later, like always.

In fact, Papa's finger looks delicious... Next time he brings me food I will try to bite his finger, as I did when I came to this home.

Now I'm full and I'm going to sleep again. Oyasumi.

I don't like weekends

Saturday, March 27, 2004 - Posted by Baruchito


I'm a hamster. Hamsters like to sleep a lot, and I'm no exception. That's why I don't like weekends. During weekdays, Papa and Mama have to go to work. That means that I can sleep all day until they come back in the evening. After they eat dinner we play together for a while and I can run free on my own. Sometimes I even see Julita. Then they go to bed, and I can play in my cage until the morning, when I go to sleep.

But on weekends they stay at home most of the time. And they want to play in the morning, after lunch, in the afternoon... They don't let me sleep. Like today.

Soon it will be Monday again. I think I will just sit here on my wheel while I wait for the weekend to end...

About Baru and Julia

Saturday, March 27, 2004 - Posted by Baruchito
I'm not a pig!
Hello, my name is Baru, but Papa and Mama always call me Baruchito. Well, not always. They call me Baru when I do something bad (like biting Julita or making noise late at night).

As you can see, I'm a hamster. To be exact, I'm a syrian hamster, which means that I'm big and fat (I weight 110 grams!), and that I like to live alone.

I like eating seeds, vegetables, cookies and bread, but I do not eat onion or garlic, because these are bad for my health.

This is Julita. She is my girlfriend. We are living in an apartment Tokyo, inside nice cages in the same room. We are not living in the same cage because as I said before, we syrian hamsters like to live alone. But we play together from time to time. She is fatter than me, because all she does is eat and sleep. She doesn't run much on her wheel as I do. But I don't mind. I like her very very much.

In this weblog we will talk about our hamster lives, what we do, what we like, and what we don't like. Thank you for reading us, and please come back often (and bring some sunflower seeds if possible!).
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