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Where the pellets come from

Thursday, March 29, 2007 - Posted by Luna
Finally I found where my food pellets come from! They come from a box inside Papa's closet. I found out yesterday night because Papa left the closet door half-opened and I ran inside.

The box had disguised herself as a hamster, but she couldn't fool me. I could smell the pellets and there was no hamster smell! I ordered the box to give me some pellets, but she ignored me.

I tried to get inside, but it was too high. Instead, I decided to open a hole and get the pellets myself. That will teach her to give me pellets when I tell her to do so!

Luckily, Papa didn't see what I did. He was there, but he was looking at the screen on his camera. I'm sure he didn't see me.

Is this one of my relatives?

Sunday, March 18, 2007 - Posted by Luna
Luna finds a pair of sports shoes
Yesterday night when I was playing on the floor Papa went to the kitchen. Usually the kitchen door is closed and I don't have many chances to play and explore there. So I followed Papa!

This time I found something very interesting. I climbed a white plastic thing and I found a pair of sports shoes in it. But these shoes looked exactly like me! I sniffed around to see if I found a familiar smell, but I couldn't find any. Perhaps they're some distant relatives. I will try to talk to them the next time I go to the kitchen.
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