About Oscar

Born sometime in 2005

Oscar is a very sweet dwarf russian hamster (also known as djungarian). He came home in October 2006. He was living in Niigata with his Australian Mama and Papa, but they had to go back to their country and couldn't take Oscar with them. They got in touch with me and brought Oscar before leaving Japan.

He came with a few of his toys, his wheel, his food and water dishes and a small house. In the beginning he didn't like the change. He was afraid of every noise and didn't take food from my hand. He only came out from her nest when I turned the lights off. However, little by little he got used to me. First he started taking food from my hand and running back to his nest to eat it. After a few days instead of running back with the food he started sitting in my hand and eating it there. Now he's not afraid at all and he likes being handled.

He enjoys playing out of his cage, but he's so small that he is allowed to run free only on the bed. When he plays on the floor he's always inside his ball because he could go under the furniture and get hurt.

His favourite foods are broccoli and the small dried fish that come inside his djungarian hamster food mix.

A while ago he had a problem with his ear. I took him to the doctor. The vet said that he probably had a tumor in his ear, but it could be something else. He gave Oscar some medicine that was supposed to help. Luckily, Oscar likes to drink from the small medicine bottle and drinks it everyday. Now his ear seems to be fine. He doesn't seem to have any problems with it anymore.

His favourite toy is his wheel. He runs on it VERY fast. He runs so fast that his little legs are just a blur even when you look at him closely. He has recently learnt to climb the wire wall in his cage when he wants me to take him for playing on the bed. He also enjoys sand baths.

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