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Someone help me!

Sunday, October 31, 2004 - Posted by Flan

I can't stand it! I'm going to go crazy! The boys have been growing really fast. They're 15 days old now, and their eyes are already open. Yesterday they started running around the nest biting everything they find. I tell them to stay under me drinking some milk, but they won't listen. All they do is run around the nest and fall down the pipe going to the second floor of the cage, once and again and again and again and again!

Sometimes I think I'm lucky there were only five babies, because I wouldn't have energy to handle more. Luckily, Papa is giving me extra amounts of fresh vegetables and high protein food these days.

It's hard to be a hamster mama...

Fighting for food

Friday, October 29, 2004 - Posted by Baruchito

Papa took these photos yesterday. Our babies have started eating by themselves. When they're not sleeping they're running around the nest, trying to bite everything they find. Looks like Flan is teaching them well, because they even put some small seeds in their pouch cheeks from time to time!

Yesterday night Papa gave them some small bits of lettuce while Flan was playing outside. They can't open their eyes yet, but their noses must be working very well, because they all jumped over the food and started fighting for it. While they were eating, Flan came back into the nest and ate what the babies left (not much). After that, she covered the babies with some warm bedding and went back to run on her wheel.

I hope they will not eat my food after they eat theirs!

Let them sleep

Tuesday, October 26, 2004 - Posted by Flan

Our babies are 11 days old today. I have been very busy feeding them and keeping them warm since they were born, but now they are fine and I don't have to stay in the nest all the day.

Yesterday I had time to play with Papa for a few minutes while the babies were sleeping. I almost jumped into his hand when he opened the door of the cage to give me some food. I think he was afraid that I could harm them, but he didn't have to worry. As soon as he put me in the cage again, I went to the nest because the babies were hungry. It's incredible how much they're eating these days! Luckily, they're starting to bite seeds and bread that I bring into the nest. They can't really eat these things yet, but in three or four days they will be able to eat soft foods. Then I will be able to rest a bit more.

During the last five days they have been growing so fast that I have enlarged the nest several times already.

Look at them sleeping. Aren't they cute?

8 days old

Sunday, October 24, 2004 - Posted by Baruchito

Our babies are 8 days old already! They have been growing very fast. I think Flan is giving them a lot of milk. Now she is spending more time playing on her wheel while the babies are sleeping. Papa says that she doesn't look stressed or tired at all, and that she comes to the door of the cage when she sees him enter the room. But he doesn't want to play with her until the babies start opening their eyes, just in case.

Papa was worried because the cage cannot be cleaned until the babies are 12-14 days old. That's because they should not be disturbed, and because Flan could get nervous. Papa thought that in all these days, the nest would get really dirty and that would be good for the babies. But Flan seems to be doing a very good job. She is keeping the nest clean, removing the old tissue paper and replacing it with the clean paper that Papa gives her each night.

The babies have now short, cream-colored fur. They're like small versions of me. Papa says that they look like little pigs, because of the color and because they've started squeaking (specially when Flan is playing out of the nest).

Soon, in 2-3 days they will open their eyes and we will be able to play together!

First photos of our babies!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004 - Posted by Baruchito

I'm very happy now! This morning when Papa went to give Flan some food, she was awake and playing around the cage happily. After giving her some vegetables, he could peek inside the nest and take these photos! He didn't want to open the cage to avoid disturbing Flan or the babies. He had to take the photos with his cell phone through the cage plastic. He showed me the photos and I was very happy to see their little heads, ears, and their cute legs. I can't wait for them to grow up so we can play together! But I hope they will grow some fur, because it is starting to get cold.

There are at least five of them. Maybe six or seven. Papa doesn't know yet, because he hasn't had many chances to look into the nest yet. And the babies are sleeping on top of each other all the time. It's difficult to know. Now they are five days old. In a week from now, when they're 12-14 days, they will start opening their eyes. Then Papa and Mama will be able to play with them and count them more easily.

I can't wait! Do you think they look like me?

So much to tell

Wednesday, October 20, 2004 - Posted by Baruchito

Lately Papa is very busy and can't help me post on my blog. But there are many things that I want to tell you about. Today I told Papa that I will not climb on his hand again unless he helps me posting. So here I am again.

Flan had three babies, but they did not survive. Probably the reason was that Flan was very nervous because it was her first time. But she recovered soon and became even more friendly than before getting pregnant. And much cuter, I should add.

After that, Papa made some reforms in our homes. I will tell you about that later. There is something more important to tell you: Flan got pregnant again. She had the babies last Saturday and they're growing very fast. This time Flan is very relaxed and is being a very good mama for them. I haven't seen my babies yet, but Papa said that there are 5-7. He didn't want to look much because Flan would get nervous.

Now while Papa is at work, I'm learning how to use the camera, because I want to take lots of photos when I meet my babies!
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