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We are SO great!

Monday, April 16, 2007 - Posted by Luna
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You have to vote because us little hamsters are not allowed to vote. What are you waiting for?

Playtime already?

Saturday, April 07, 2007 - Posted by Luna
Luna climbs out of her cage
Ok, Papa, I'm going! Can you please help me get out from my cage?

Bad toilet choice

Friday, April 06, 2007 - Posted by Luna
Remember the new nice house that I got last month? Well, I don't have it anymore. Papa removed it a couple of weeks ago. I guess I shouldn't have used a corner inside it as a toilet. Sometimes I feel lazy when I'm warm in my nest. It's easier to use corner inside the house than going out to my sand toilet. Papa noticed because my sand toilet was too clean.

I have been using a tissue paper nest near my wheel for a few days already. It's ok because it isn't cold anymore, but my wheel got angry again. Sometimes she doesn't want to turn when I try to run in her.

Luna's new straw home
My wheel doesn't want to move if the tissue is too close to her

Papa brought me a new home. It's made of straw and it has a hole to go inside.

Luna's new straw home
Let me see... It tastes ok.

Luna's new straw home
And this is how you go inside, right?

Luna's new straw home
Hmmm... Sorry Papa, but it's too small and too light.

The new home looked fine, but it was too small for me. It was too light and I couldn't move my big nest inside it. I told Papa to look for something bigger and heavier.

In the meanwhile I'm keeping my nest near my dear wheel.

I have a new home now

Friday, April 06, 2007 - Posted by Oscar
Oscar's new home
Papa cleans my cage every week. He usually puts everything back in its place so I don't get stressed. I just have to rebuild my tissue paper nest every time, but I don't mind.

Yesterday there was something different. My old straw home was in its usual place, but in the other side of my cage there was some kind of rock. In the beginning I was a bit nervous about it, but then I went to investigate. I climbed on it. Nothing interesting there. Then I decided to look around it and I found that it had a hole under it. I went inside and saw that there was a nice dark space there. Just as I like it!

I went out an in a few more times to make sure that it was safe. Everything seemed to be fine and I decided to build my new nest there.
Oscar's new nest
This is me sleeping in my new nest before I put the tissue paper there

Later during the night I moved some of my tissue paper from the straw home to the new nest under the rock.

Papa told me that rock is sold in the pet shop as a house for fish, but that's crazy. Everybody knows that fish live in the water, and there's no water under this rock!

Tasty fish

Tuesday, April 03, 2007 - Posted by Oscar
When Papa gives me my hamster mix I always eat these little dried fish first. That's my favourite food. I think Papa noticed.

Yesterday when he arrived home I came out from my nest and went to the front of my cage to greet him. He put his hand inside my cage and I climbed on it like every night. But this time he didn't have any of my seed and fish mix. He gave me a very big dry fish! It was so big that I could eat only half of it. I had to put the rest inside my cheek pouch. I asked Papa for more and he gave me another one! Looks like he has a box full of them!

I managed to put another one in my cheek pouches. When I couldn't carry more Papa put me back in my cage and I went back to my nest.

I'm going to eat lots of fish because I want to get as big as Luna!

Oscar eats fish

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