Family fight!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005 - Posted by Baruchito
She bite my head!
Yesterday I was playing with Flan and I bit her leg by mistake. She got angry and bit my head! Luckily Papa was watching us and very soon he put each of us in our cages.

Now I have a bit of blood on the top of my head. Perhaps I should change my furstyle so it cannot be seen so easily...


Hammy on Saturday, April 16, 2005:

Sorry about that Baru.

Mable the Mouse on Saturday, April 16, 2005:

Just remember for next time, that if you treat a lady like a lady, she'll treat you like a do you think I take care of all my ladies?

Hamtaro on Sunday, April 17, 2005:

Hope you recover soon! (not like you have a broken leg or anything, but one time when my cousin Hammy came over, We were put in a big playpen. He sniffed my back, trying to make friends, but I thought it was a bug, so I turned around and bit him, then he bit me! We got seperated then.)

HAMSTER RED on Sunday, April 17, 2005:

This is a revolution! I am the one known across the cages as HAMSTER RED! I, HAMSTER RED will single handedly rid our country of its voilent and oppressive president george BUSH! That is, of course, I had apposable thumbs and could work this stupid cage lock!

HAMSTER RED on Monday, April 18, 2005:

SorRy Baru!*
I didn't mean to get mad at out president! I really just wanted attention so people would listen to my belief of the communist tsars in the early 19th century and why I could have done better.o_0 There I go again!
As for your girl problems... you just need a furry hat and *(don't tell enyone else, its between you and me...)* I think the key to a ladies heart is fresh organic zuchini! It works every time! o_0 Good Luck fellow HAMARU!

HAMSTER RED on Monday, April 18, 2005:

When is papi gonna update o_0?
I't getting boring in my maximum security cage.

female hamster on Tuesday, April 19, 2005:

why don't u make your hair elvis style? it would look sooooooooooo dreamy.....

HAMSTER RED on Tuesday, April 19, 2005:

Ya! Elvis style! No joke! That would be muy fuerte de tu'! (Very handsom of you). Nixon and Kruschev really need tempermental counseling, thier space age kitchen debates are very immature!

??????? on Wednesday, April 20, 2005:

elvis??? haha.. but it just might work...

HAMSTER RED on Thursday, April 21, 2005:

Brezhnev's political regime seems to Soviet old-school based for most abroad intelectuals to approve of....right?

Hamster Lover on Friday, April 22, 2005:

This hamster is so cute it looks like my hamster my hamster's name is Mufffin. Please put more pics of this adorable thing.

hoober bloober on Thursday, May 26, 2005:

it is ok dont fret just say sorry and make up

Dark on Wednesday, December 21, 2005:

Fuck you bitch all you talk about is your GODDAMN HAMSTER U MOFO GET A FUKIN LIFE!!!!!!

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