Checking Papa's bed

Monday, November 13, 2006 - Posted by Oscar
Oscar inspects Papa's bed
Every night my new Papa takes me out of my cage and lets me play on his bed. He only lets me play in the floor if I'm inside my ball, because he says that he's afraid that I could hide behind the sofa and get hurt.

When I'm playing on the bed I like to hide behind the pillow and under the sheets.
Oscar inspects Papa's bed
Papa, this bed is not so bad, but I think it needs some wood shavings and tissue paper...


Saphire on Monday, November 13, 2006:

Oh the treasures you can find in a bed, look hard!

Meaghan on Tuesday, November 14, 2006:

Just make sure not to go poo in his sheets or your Papa will get mad.

Scamper on Tuesday, November 14, 2006:

Oh Oscar, your so tiny and cute!
I don't blame Papa for not letting
you on the floor without your ball.
Playing on his bed is even better.
There's lots of things to explore.

lindsy on Tuesday, November 14, 2006:

the bed is softer than the ground!! :D

Dayna on Tuesday, November 14, 2006:

Oscar you are so cute! Your Papa is right: you need to play on the floor in your ball until you're more used to your surroundings. That, and I think Nana might get upset if you attacked her curtains without her there to defend you! LOL Enjoy hiding in Papa's bed... it looks cozy and you look so small compared to the pillow! :)

J-Lan on Wednesday, November 15, 2006:

omgosh oscar.. you are s0o tiiny!!
but the bed does seem to need some wood shavings, huh?

jaypo on Wednesday, November 15, 2006:

Oscar, show papa how to make the bed correctly, ok?!

Rainin on Thursday, November 16, 2006:

how come oscar doesn't pee or poo on your bed? Mine always do that when he's out of his cage ???

locomom on Thursday, November 16, 2006:

Ginger whispers, "Hey Oscar. The middle of the pillow is a very nice place to sleep. Take it before your papa does!".

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