The hotel in Kyoto

Wednesday, June 02, 2004 - Posted by Baruchito

A few days ago I was telling you that we went to Kyoto for the Golden Week... So well, when we checked in the hotel, Papa noticed that they didn't allow pets! Julita and I would have to be very careful not to make noise until we had arrived to the room.

As soon as we were inside the room, I started to look for a good place to hide, because I was afraid that the room service could find Julita and I when Papa and Mama were outside visiting places. In this photo I was searching under the bed lamp, but it was not a very comfortable place.

In the end we didn't have to hide.


Casey on Wednesday, June 02, 2004:

Your room sounded very nice. I'm glad you had a fun time!

Al-karnak on Thursday, June 03, 2004:

I think that someone should make a hotel for pets.

Johnny Rockstar on Friday, June 04, 2004:

I figure, if a hampster can speak english, use html, and post pics, then they SHOULD be allowed to rent hotel rooms.

I could be wrong, but that is my opinion.

Baruchito on Friday, June 04, 2004:

That's exactly what I told Papa!

Kelly Lynn on Sunday, June 06, 2004:

I agree with Johnny Rockstar.

My hamster thinks you're cute.

Bettie Blue on Sunday, June 06, 2004:

I agree with Johnny Rockstar.

My hamster thinks you're cute.

annia on Wednesday, June 09, 2004:

I love this weblog :D keep up posting ^^

Dorota on Wednesday, June 09, 2004:

My dog, Sara and I really like this webblog :) Unfortunately my hamsters went to the hamsters' heaven in the times, when hamsters didn't write blogs...
Best greetings from Krakow in Poland!

Mr Goggles on Friday, June 11, 2004:

Hello, I am Mr Goggles from Glasgow in Scotland.My mummy is very beautiful, she married daddy last saturday, i was not allowed to attend the service in my ball. I have escaped 4 times, once for 9 hours and i like to eat the mouldly food behind the oven and get a dirty nose. I also had a terrible incident with sellotape. My mummy cried.Dad was very brave though and managed to rescue me with minimal fur loss.I would like a hamster penpal to discuss my hamster space restaurant which has been losing customers.

Baruchito on Sunday, June 13, 2004:

Hello Mr Goggles! I'm glad to meet a hamster who owns a restaurant business! Julita and I like foor very very much. Specially italian food (spaghetti is my favourite).

What happened with the sello tape? Did you get entangled on it?

Oh, and by the way: send me your photo and I will put it here in my website. :-)

sabrina on Monday, June 28, 2004:

i think we should be able to take are pets to hotels, on airplanes.......

happy hampster girl on Thursday, July 01, 2004:

I think we should be able to take pets any wher we want to for free as long as we clean up there mess. one time I snuk my second hamster to the grosry store. I put her In my pocket and went in. When I reached in my pocket to get her to sckar my mom she wasn't there. I found her eating smartys on the bread ile. she had a very sour look on her face. I did get to sckar my mom the first time I reached in my pocket. the rest isn't true.

happy hampster girl on Thursday, July 01, 2004:

that was last year. he he!

happy hampster girl on Thursday, July 01, 2004:

mister googls if you are a dowrf hamster I might know your owner if he is home scooled

happy hampster girl on Thursday, July 01, 2004:

never mind. he or she lives in scotland.

P.S I have a kilt!

happy hampster girl on Thursday, July 01, 2004:

it is the hunters kilt. it is my last name. we have evry thing to go with it too. my favorit thing is the crest.

Boo on Monday, August 23, 2004:

bla bla bla your needs

Mr Goggles on Friday, February 04, 2005:

Hello! This is Mr Goggles from San Fransisco! Mummy and Dady are on their honeymoon, so Granny and grandad are looking after me. I have developed a taste for blood and get grapes every day. The hamster space restraunt is closed. What is the hamster community's opinion on hot dog joints that sell beer?That is my next idea. Personally I like Bailey's Irish Cream better and when I bite Granda he spills it all over the whole cage, mmm ,yummy! I Love hamsters that nlive in Chinatowns xx

hamster lover on Saturday, May 28, 2005:

i see you

stuart on Friday, July 29, 2005:

are u all serious god how dumn ill have my geunie pig eat you mr gogles but not the one with corn its to cute

chris on Saturday, September 17, 2005:

your hamster is cute but not more cuter then my hamster wilbur

die mammals on Sunday, October 02, 2005:

You are all crazy. HAMSTERS CAN'T TALK!!!!!!! I hope your hamsters fall into a swimming pool!

punk girl 13 on Tuesday, November 15, 2005:

sssssssooooooo cccuuutttteeee!!!!!
i love it

ghsghd on Saturday, November 19, 2005:

i think this is a stupid site and all of you are fucking crazy bitches that broke out of a phyc hospital and are now living in some german guys building eating rotten mcdonnalds off the floor

asdfsd on Saturday, November 19, 2005:

i hope your ugly hamsters die of sars you ugly bitches suckk a big cock too you fucking idiots FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKK

hamsters_rock_u_dont on Wednesday, July 19, 2006:

dont listen to all this faggots who hates hamasters, they are just jealous because they dont have hamsters that can write blogs. i think your site is very cute, and keep up the good work.

Rozboz on Sunday, October 01, 2006:

Hello there.
Mr Goggles is dead. I am Mr Onslow Chips, and I am the new hamster on the block. My mummy and daddy moved away from Glasgow to get over that Goggles character. They now live in Edinburgh and will not let me start my business selling pineapple on a stick to humans. They say I must be 6 months old and disguise my red eyes with sunglasses. Huh!

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